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1 a person authorized to act for another [syn: proxy, placeholder]
2 (ancient Rome) someone employed by the Roman emperor to manage finance and taxes

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  1. A tax collector.
  2. An agent or attorney.


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MC, advocate, agent, alter ego, alternate, amicus curiae, attorney, attorney-at-law, backup, backup man, bailiff, barrister, barrister-at-law, butler, champion, counsel, counselor, counselor-at-law, croupier, curator, custodian, deputy, dummy, emcee, executive officer, exponent, factor, figurehead, friend at court, guardian, housekeeper, intercessor, landreeve, lawyer, legal adviser, legal counselor, legal expert, legal practitioner, legalist, librarian, lieutenant, locum, locum tenens, majordomo, master of ceremonies, mouthpiece, paranymph, pinch hitter, pleader, proctor, proxy, representative, sea lawyer, second in command, secondary, self-styled lawyer, seneschal, solicitor, stand-in, steward, substitute, surrogate, understudy, utility man, vicar, vicar general, vice, vicegerent
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